How to use API to Upload Images

Is the CURL command called within Web.Got? And so ?



Place the call to the CURL command within a click of a button, for example.


doing the same

Have you checked the contents of your CURL command?

yes. this curl command is given by Javier.

I know that friend. Did you check the content of Join?

Yes Friend.


ok trying now.

It Did not Work

Is the global media a path?

yes, it is

use Do it to debug your blocks and post the result here

it should look like this

EDIT: you might want to add quotes only for the file parameter…


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Even same. empty string

probably your filename must start with file:///storage/emulated/0/…
expire=1009 looks strange, is this a valid expiration?
also are you sure, you are creating a valid signature like this?


I will do it by using join

in python code of ImageKit


still the same. Nothing Change


Hi guys, Kodular may automatic uploads image with Ajax and jQuery with multipart/formdata ? curl isn’t everywhere.

sample javascript - How can I upload files asynchronously? - Stack Overflow

or jQuery Form Plugin

If you using to store media files then you should give a try.

PM me.

You need EndPoint