How to use In app billing?

Is there a how-to on using “in-app billing”?
I tried Google/Community but can’t find any guide supporting the actual version in Kodular.
Thanks, Teddy

hello !
Yes, it is not easy to find informations / samples !
on my side, I used to the extension from taifun but I change to the in app billing from kodular recently ! (Cause, It seems the taifun extension was not still supported)
So, You can find here my blocks on the in app billing component !

Do not hesitate to tell me if it is ok for you or if I have make mistakes !!!
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Awesome! Will try and get back to you. Thanks!

Tutorial for In-app billing 5.1.0 (Latest) ↓

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Is the component working on kodular, is it not outdated?

It’s working! :slight_smile: thanks!

Can you show video please. I want to buy but no one will post the .aix extension working on the app they are using it on.

Can you post a video of the Kodular billing component working, please…