How to use linear progress bar properly?

Hello everyone I have a problem in my browser app I have tried add progress bar in my app and I have set blocks but not working

What exactly is not working? I mean what are you getting and what are your expected results?

Yes that is not working properly the progress bar is loading half lookin in image marking palace

Try this

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I tried this method but not working

Hi @SI_Zakir_Khan
Use smaller than or equal to math block.
A small correction in your blocks @dora_paz :grin:

I have tried just but not working

Set the progress in a label and see what its shows.

You used too much high iq … There is simple way to use properly … Just make linear progess invisible by default then in block section “When web view progess change then set progess bar visible = true and set Linear progess = get progress” … Then “when web view page loaded then set progess bar visible = false”

You’ll get page loaded block in web view component