How to use Mercado Pago (Arg) APIs

Hi Koders!

I was seeing other topics about Mercado Pago & Mercado Libre’s payments, but I dont understand how to use APIs, I need some explanation please!

Mercado Libre’s official developer webpage:


-Tomás Barak

In general, an API returns information in Json format.
After API documentation reading it for a while you will see that each resource that an API provides comes from a URL.
Within this URL, there are usually parameters to be passed to the API.
Example: will return the balance in the user’s account 646X.
And this 646X will be sent at the end of the API URL (just an example) and the return will be the balance: 4590.89 in Json format.

On the Kodular side, you must use the Web and Dictionary blocks. You will communicate with the API via the web block and the return Json can use the dictionary block.

Have you searched in Youtube?


Hi @Rogerio_Rios!
Yes I know that, but I want to know how to use it with Mercado Pago.


-Tomás Barak

Hey @Italo!
Yes I’ve searched on YouTube but, all of them explains how to use a Mercado Pago product link, and I only want to do a payment with this platform.

For example, I have an App that let the users create new products with a price that is defined by the user who uploads it. Now, in the client-side (person who wants to buy an item) I only need to do a payment with the item price.


-Tomás Barak.

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hello DarkTom_Dj
Did you post the topic about video call?
Thank you

Your Post says that.

The integration is described in the API documentation.

This was not written in the opening post.
Have you read the documentation ?

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For reading, study and development :


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Thanks @Rogerio_Rios, you solved my problem.

-Tomas Barak.

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