How to use rating bar

How to calculate many person ratings and show its average to the user.
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Rating of what? How are they rating, what are they rating, how do you want it viewed…

Please provide as MUCH detail as you can.

i want my app like amazon each user will rate the service that he is provided . So it could help the next user to choose the best service.

I think it can be done by asking your users to rate in numbers from 1-10, you can record this rating in a “global rating” list and by using simple math logic you can add the rating of each new user to the old score and divide it by the number of users which will give you an average of the total rating (this all can be done by using Kodular’s Math Blocks) and all these data can be saved in airtable spreadsheet and lastly can be showed in the app by calling from the spreadsheet…ewd

and can you please tell me how to show people review’s in the particular service page…

What does it mean?
if you are thinking to show a page where a user can see which services he/she has rated then use firebase.

when user clicks on the particular product and goes to that product page i wan to show the user reviews given by the different people…

with the same way, you need to choose some server to manage it (airtable, firebase) for example store under product ID all the comments that belongs to it and then you just call and show it with some logic. you have also to search in forum for more info but the best practice is to try it yourself

@indianreview10 Here is method you can go with:-
1.When a particular product is clicked set firebase ( you can use others too ) project bucket to product and get all tags.
2.When fireebase got tags get value for each tag (which is username).
3.When firebase got value spilt it at a symbol ( because it contains rating and comments ) and use colintree list view to show ratings and comments where title=username,subtitle= rating and comment.

I can not say that this is only method to do that.I use firebase so it is easy for me to develop system using Firebase.
If you understand well you can use your method too.

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can you please show it in the form of blocks.
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It am workig on it,…You can test my semple apk…Review.apk (6.2 MB)

Yet i am working on Shows other person Review System

You can try this.

You can make changes yourself as your needs.
Use carefully otherwise it will spoil your app.

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Can you give me all block image…

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all rating

and it is blocks

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I hope you can understand

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show the

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