How to use Scrollhandler extension?

I’ve read the official documentation on the developer’s official website, the documentation for each component is pretty vague and self-explanatory. How do I actually use VTouchDown, when you register a touchdown i want to display a alert notice with message “You;ve scrolled to the end”

So far I’m using.

When ScrollHandler .OnVTouchDown{
Call notifier1 .Show alert
Notice : (You’ve scrolled to the end)
I didn’t do any additional settings for scroll handler, i dragged it from the sidebar onto to the designer, then used this block.

TouchDown raised when users touch on it (the vertical layout in this case).
You should use OnVScroll event.


when OnVScroll (scrollY) {
  if (scrollY = VMaxScroll) {
    // Do your code here
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Make sure you first register the vertical scroll arrangement using this :point_down: block, before using other extension blocks


What do i put in the VSA?
Im supposed to call this block when the screen initialises right?


Vertical Scroll Arrangement

The Last Light Green Block Of The VSA Which You Want To Register.

Yes You Can.


So far i’ve done this, nothing is happening. Ignore the error on screen initialise, the actual screen initialise block is at the top, this one with the error is just to simulate what i’ve done so far.

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Try using do it to check the maxscroll and the scrollY when you scrolled to the very bottom.

Not to sound mean, but I dont think this extension works or probably is badly coded, i’ve tried everything nothing works, lack of documentation from the developer is embarrassing.

Alright, i’ve found the solution. Which is super simple lol
Use the colin tree scroll handler extension,
[Free] ScrollArrangementHandlers - by ColinTree - ClassicExtensions - Community

I’ve tried using this extension, Scroll handler by Sunny, I guess its his name. Spent and wasted my entire day trying to get it working, but it didn’t.

It didn’t work for me, lack of proper documentation is embarrassing. Just use the ReachBottom block in Colin tree extension, which is somewhat straight forward and up to the point unlike comparing current Y values to MaxScroll and going all the way around.

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Both sound contradictory.
If it does not work for you then you must be doing something wrong as it works for a lot of people.
One reason could be that you are using v1 and not v1.1.

By “the documentation is vague and self-explanatory” i meant they just disclosed what each component does, and did not actually teach us how to use it/implement it. Its like telling a car has a gear stick and a gas pedal, yeah we know that but how do i actually use it in conjunction to each other.

I’ve used it, spent an entire day trying to figure it out, in the end i just gaveup and switched extensions, Colin Tree’s extension is good and better.

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