How to use Singleton on Kodular

The Singleton feature of Java for Android allows me to instantiate the screens just once and close them all at the end of the process.

Any ideas on how to do this on Kodular?

You mean when button on home screen clicked then close home screen then do event on another screen

In my application I have a series of steps, each step has its own screen.
The user can go forward or back to correct the data provided.

I would like to open the same instance of the screen that is already open, not a new screen like Kodular does by default.

There should be a method for just showing an already opened screen and not reopening a new instance of that screen.

If you are on screen 5 and remaining screen already opened that simply open screen with screen 2 or remaining screen

This causes me to lose the data on the screen.

If you press the back button in your application, you will see what I need. The application returns to the screen with the data as I left it.

However, just coming back doesn’t answer me, I need to move forward too.
I also don’t know how to intercept this if necessary

How to do this?
I didn’t understand how it solves my problem.

May I suggest using tab view to implement this. Tab view will allow you to swipe or move through different steps without loss of filled data. I think tab view can be used for this problem. But this is not a solution for singleton in kodular.

I’m thinking of something like that.
Perhaps some form of pagination on the same screen, using different contents for each page.