How to Use Spreadsheet Block

How to use this block

for more info… see this youtube channel : :point_right:t3: - YouTube

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i Want to set cell value to video source how can i do this

Do it like this :point_down:

set Time interval as 500


Please Mark its :white_check_mark: If it helped you

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i was get run time error when i am using spredsheet, so can anybody help me to solve my this problem ??

i have used like this but not working

Make sure you have your companion updated if using live test

Then please check link of video.!
I had done that personally and It’s working for me

ye okk i will check it

how to we find or get no of record available in spredsheet ??

anybody help me to fine ??

May be this is what you are looking for


no this block logic was not get no of record availble in spredsheet

so anybody have other type ro get no of record available in spredsheet ??

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