How to use start value with multiple Data

Hi Friends I’m making an app that I’m using two screens

i have added two buttons at screen1,
1.Button1 Google
2.Button2 Facebook
when button1 click then open “screen2” with startValue Google &
button2 click then open “screen2” with startValue Facebook

I have been opening two websites in the screen2 with the startValue

Now my question is
When I click button1 the screen2 will open
When I click button2 the screen2 will open

I want the when screen2 value taken from button1 so lable text change to Google &
When screen2 value taken from button2 so lable text change to Facebook

how can i this tell me please

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Just click “New Screen” button and type name of screen.

bro check this aia its helps to you
testgooglefacebook.aia (2.0 KB)

testgooglefacebook.apk (4.3 MB)

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Very easy


First use " make a list " then insert your data via text string block

Check this 100% working method :blush:

Now in next screen


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Change the 3 to 2. The error says it all. The list has 2 items not 3.

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Your number of list is not 3 bro. First make 3 list for 3 integer index. If you will create the it will automatically load 3rd position of list.

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i know bro, From your first answer I understood this
But still this error is showing,
You can see the block if there broblem so tell me
first screen

Second screen

I guess you don’t understand the concept of lists. I gave you the answer already.

Read this and learn

it works perfectly for me. im sending a list of airtable data to another screen.

You are trying to get 3rd item of list, but your list has 2 elements. In first picture, click gear icon of blue list block and add another element, so you will able to add one more element to your list.

If you need only 2 item, then select 2nd item of list, instead of 3 in second screen’s blocks

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