How to use the activity starter to open another app?

how to open a file (like .apk) instead of pdf?

see the documentation
Using the Activity Starter



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Well, if you’ve just checked the link @Taifun posted, you would have found the answer to your question :upside_down_face:

Perhaps you could describing what was un-understandable with the user’s reply? That would be more helpful, I think :grimacing:

Moreover there is a guide here , that would help you, too:
Just replace the type to application/

Don’t expect here to get a complete AIA, or blocks aia solution, you need to try your self :wink:


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dear @m75sa, it was not me who flagged your “contribution”
however I have to agree, it was inappropriate , as well as your PM…

the documentation is there for a reason… anc actually everything is very well explained there…
also I suggest you to be polite and respectful while posting here in the community… else you might get banned from the moderators… thank you…

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