How to use the Consume method?

component_method this component in app billing , what is block for?

It returns Subscription It is used To Know what the customer is trying to purchase

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it does for Subscription only?

What do you want ?
Its Does In app purchase , like digital products and monthly yearly subscription

i sell coin every user buy and buy again , can use that block?

Yaa you can use but this could be Complicated

i dont know , can u give me sample

the Consume method only is available for in app products, not subscriptions

as already mentioned a few times in your other threads, I will repeat it again for you here:
before being able to purchase an already purchased product again, if first must be consumed



is my example right

or this

When Button1 is clicked purchase the product.

In the After Purchase blocks increase coins and consume the purchase.

block consume sku?

Can you give me the right example block ?