How to use the encrypt component

How to use the encrypt component. I searched the docs and the community but there are not any result.
If I use the AES , encrypt and decrypt will return a empty string.
If I use DES, decrypt will return a empty string
And I have set the key for them.

This is my blocks.

This is the apk
encryption (3).apk (4.6 MB)

This is a small sample

For generating keys you can use your own strings or you can use this site to generate one for you.


There are so many choices, which one should I choose?

If I use the 128bit it shows a error.

How can I create my own string?

Show your blocks. I used the string from the website with the same settings and it is working for me.

It seems you are using a different block as i did. Try and see what works, read about security and the different options on the internet.

What is your Android version?

Oh , Just Android 6.0.1 and Android 4.4 can’t use. My Android 8.1 can use (I forgot to update …)

Then we know the problem. It’ll be fixed. Currently, it will only work on Oreo & up


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