How to use the Id Token of the Firebase with the blocks of the DB Firebase

Hi everyone, Firebase recently changed some security policies and, well, because of this, not having a secure database they send you emails announcing that.
For this reason I was looking for a way to change the Firebas rules and since I use the Firebase authentication and the Firebase DB, I thought of using the Id Token to read or write to the database, but what happens is that I already have my application running with the FIREBASE BD blocks. My question is Is there any way to use the Id Token as authenticator with the blocks of the FIREBASE BD?
I saw that they used the WEB blocks like the one in the image, but for this it is necessary to work only with the WEB blocks, but I would love to use the blocks of the FIREBASE DB.
Any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you very much.

This guide will help you

Thanks for the comment, of course! I know that option, only that I already have the blocks made with those of Firebase DB (attached image) and I would like to know if there is any way to work with the Id Token and those blocks at the same time.

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