How to use the list pick to bring up pre-existing information?

Because I imagined a database like this:

I am really crawling on this subject.

Is it wrong this way?
There are several ORIGEM and DESTINO. How will I do with just one bucket? Please help me through this step.

What is the best way to proceed?
With a bucket, how can I have multiple ORIGEM and DESTINO?

I believe the database should look this way, correct? The question is, how to assemble the logic so that the database structure looks the same?

like i said you need bucket in bucket, first get all tags of Dados_Entarad and save them to a list while screen initialize and while saving use set project bucket to Dados_Entarad/Dado join length of list tags(which stored) +1. and then store data, a sample for you.


I can not access Kodular. As soon as possible I will try to finish this step.
Happy new year and best wishes.

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