How to use the slider to change the postion of the taifun player?

Tell me the solution please .I want to know the blocks part required for using the slider to change the position of taifun player.

There is no difference between the TaifunPlayer and Player component regarding a slider.

I also don’t know the blocks for player.

Please tell me the blocks.


Is it work for music player app?

When anyone wii change the position of slider then it will change the position of song also?

But it is created using exo player & i have used taifun player.

head up to and find the extension there you can find the detail of each block.

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Next song in my app is loading very slow.How to fix it?

use better procedure or blocks combination or contact Taifun (extension developer)

Why buttons are not working?I am clicking on buttons but they are not working.

Is there anything wrong in the blocks due to which buttons are not working.

The procedure is the same. I first did with taifun player and then with exo player, as well as with the native player.

Show your blocks and which audio format (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav, …) is used.

I have used mp3 songs.

But why do you use the TaifunPlayer then? That does not make sense unless you want to loop the audio tracks. But mp3 definitely can not not be looped. And again show the relevant blocks.

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