How to use the sql db component

Read above i have updated my post
After running the above query your table willbbe created where
Id is an integer number
Info is a text
Date is a date data type
And check is also a text datatype


After table creation u can put data into tables columns by insert queries
Seee manual of sql queries by searching on Google u can aslo use SoloLearn app for basics of sql

component_method (3)
but where’s the id parameter, and what about the other parameter?

No… Actually all of the parameters are set by you… To set these parameters
Use single query block

And the block u share here is to get data from database
Wait i’ll send you a complete documentation of how to use thia component

ohh so you are telling to use this block

and first i need to create a table and then using this block i can add values image

Exactly m talking about this block
See here… here is the complete documentation with aia of this component
Originally it was an extension but later on it was added in kodular as a component
See here SQLite extension (SPONSORED!)

Can’t open this link

I updated the lnk

And how can i detect whether I’m entring duplicate row like the same values for all three coloumns?

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For this you can search that this is already present in any row
Like get id of row where info text = your text

note its not the exact query
U can search for the proper query by googling

Like queries for search an item in sql somthing like this

U can use
Select From table_name where ‘info’ = place your text here ;
If you get value then its mean that data is already present if not get value then u can add new data

Evaluate this logic according to your situation

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ok will try and tell you

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The data are stored in tables. Tables are made up of rows and columns. Each column must have a name and type. Name should represent the contents of that column (name, age, telephone number, date of birth) and the type of column is to standardize the information that the column will store (string, number, date …) The line represents a unit of the recorded information in the table. So when you write Name = Rogerio Rios, Data = 08/08/80 and Telephone = 897567899 you will add 1 line in the table. As in Excel … To search for information, we use the Select Command. You select the fields (columns) you want (vertical filtering - columns) and filter by name or date of birth (horizontal filtering - lines) …


You don’t get in line. You either create a line with Insert Into or search for the line, and edit the column values ​​with Update.

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And for not equal to is it != ?

Yes…it is
But m not sure it it works or not @Rogerio_Rios may confirm it

I can’t add this block to any of the conditions it is not attcaching

I think it does not work
Wait for @Rogerio_Rios reply because u r getting all the data where this condition is true and may be there is syntax error too
As for text cells we use this formate 'value ’
It would be great if you study some basic queries of sql

Or either pm me your aia

sorry can’t i have many important links like api keys

Maybe i can store it in a variable and check the value?

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