How to use the video picker function, I couldn't find the one to explain it

I can’t open the video gallery through the app using this function

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show your relevant blocks. What you have tried ? Then other will help you

I tried to open with the button and also did not work, I do not know what else do … help me please.

someone who can help me?

so there is a problem with your block

Wrong blocks

You want to show a video after apparently selecting, but your logic is incorrect

wrong blocks…
Here you have to set set video get selection

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in case it doesn’t open for me to define which video I want to select to put in the video player

It would be like this?

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I still can’t open my device’s video gallery to select a video :frowning:

ok wait i will try & ans you…

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But what will happen after video_picker.button click.

will be played on the video player

Try this one instead:


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