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test_app.aia (13.6 KB)
I use firebase and 8 cardviews. I’m getting only links from firebase and use material icons on cardview. I want when click on any cardview then show interstitial ad. (I have already load ad on screen initializing ). and after this if ad closed or failed to load then open another screen with value from firebase. here is all set. the problem is here. in ad closed/failed to load block there is no other option to add more blocks for opening another screen with start value as I am using 8 card views. Do I need 8 separate interstitial ads for doing this job or I can use if then block in one interstitial ad. I can do this so tell me how to do that. I have provided screen shot and also attached the AIA file if any can help me then please make me thankful for yourself by solving this problem.

Seems like an earning app. I don’t think you’ll get help until you can prove it’s a useful app with a proper function.

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Use This. Only 1 Interstitial AD is enough for this method.

test_app (1).aia (466 Bytes)


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Apart from showing ads what does this app do?

You can do that using one admob component and why u are not using any components?
Will reduce ur lot of work

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It is not any type of earning I have already published its earlier version on playstore. check it

Now I want to add some more tools.

I don’t know how to do that .now I’ll keep it in mind and use this method for the next time.

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