How to use this format of Facebook ad in your app?

What is this ad format called? Does kodular support this ad format?

Kodular has only FB banner, rewarded video and Interstitial ads

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This topic is not for updation of SDK.

The simple answer to your questions is:

Even if the SDK is updated, you will not be able to use this format.

@Manbir why you flagged post all post.Topic is related @Vinayrev he is new in kodular if use Facebook ads now then her ads will not show again then he create another topic my ads is not showing. You have power to flagged every who is new in kodular you should tell her about it before flagging. I know Peter also never flag directly anyone who is new other moderator also never to.

Exactly, sometimes I don’t get the “community guidelines” in Kodular community, it’s absurd of all the forums I’ve used ever.

My post is about Facebook ads, which should include SDK and all of its components. I just can’t seem to understand, how is it off topic.

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Yes you are right exactly. He flagged me also and I get warning from kodular and my post was hidden after an hour staff review my post and unflag my post that means I am right

off topic

Well how can you say that I flagged your post?
It’s not me who flagged your post(s)!

Which special power I have?

I’m also like you and every member of community.

What should I tell? I am flagging your post?

It’s not absurd. It’s called discipline which they (all the members and mods) have maintained in this community.

No! Your topic is about the ad format which is entirely different from SDK.
You have got the answer that Kodular doesn’t support this format and that’s it.

Again I’m telling that I am not the one who is flagging your post.

And also I or anyone else never said that you were wrong. You were just going off topic…

Believe me or not but it’s somebody else who flagged your post!
There’s a lot of discussion about Facebook SDK Update on this topic. 180 posts about SDK Update aren’t less.

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