How To Use tinydb database with online database

i want to use tinydb database before online database . anyone guide me .

It will good to see if you have explained everything wellโ€ฆ show us what have you tried? And what you are looking into?

I Want To Use 2 database One of tinydb and one of MySQL. if online database have any problem . then user can use tinydb database.

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Yes, you can do this easily but how much data have in your database. If in tiny db it will increase app size after store value.

each user will have their own data

Then you can do this easily but make sure not store too much data in tinydb it will increase app size after storing data

Ok . then tell how can i

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Can you tell me what type of data you store ? Send me a example of your data

person profile
like name
father name

You can store or get value by using tiny db.

For example: For storing data :
Tag = name and then
Value = User_name,

For Getting data :
Tag = name
After this you will get the user name.

By using this you can set different tags for getting different values.
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Use sqlite for offline database, it is relational database like mysql and logically accepts the same SQL commands.