How to use twilio services like automatic sms, email, chat, whatsapp message, call with kodular?

I want to know to to use those api with Kodular. Thanks.

What you have tried yet

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You must first understand the API you want to use. According to studying what parameters the API requires. Third study the examples that the API website provides. Study the Component web block or linux terminal extension.

Is there any reference topic for that?

API topic?

Yes Please

Imagine you in a restaurant. You want to place an order. But you cannot access the kitchen. Then you need to place your order with the waiter (API). He delivers your order to the kitchen saying what you ordered. The kitchen returns (Response) your food.

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This is page for sms service API

There are codes with examples in some programming languages. These codes show how you should send the parameters to the API.

Sounds Fruitful.
Well Explained.

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It is an example that a teacher went on to explain API.

Ok, I got it