How To Use twitch Auth In Kodular?

is it possible to create login with twitch and save the name, the avatar and the followers in a tinybd or firebase??

You need to use Twitch API | Twitch Developers


I will try thanks!

Can You say where I Can Place Auth/ID In api request URL

Authorization and Client ID require to be sent in header

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My Blocks:

How can I found Authorization ?


Can You Please show me how to get Username And Profile Pic URL As Json Format ?

blocks (4)

wait i will make a demo aia asap.

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:gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart: Thank You! I am Waiting…

Download AIA :point_down:
KodularXTwitch.aia (6.1 KB)

Add in OAuth Redirect URLs ( Twitch Developer Console)
Add Your Client-ID here :point_down:
Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 8.45.20 PM

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Thank You Very Much ! But I Have replaced Client Id successfuly But App showing empty
response and data

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Login required!

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I AM Not Installed Twitch app in my device is it require?

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Ah I Got It sorry Web page take too long to load slow connection…

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I log in in web view but Access token and userdata are still empty?

wait i will post demo

from the documentation Authentication | Twitch Developers

Authentication involves:

  1. Registering your app to obtain a client ID and client secret.
  2. Getting a token. This includes specifying scopes, the permissions your app requires.
  3. Sending the token in your API request, to authenticate API requests.


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Demo Video of my AIA

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But In My device!

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Have you added in your OAuth Redirect URLs (Twitch Developer Console)?