How to use two table in 1 Spreadsheet?

I’ve created a TV App, I can easily get 1 table’s data by putting table names in design area of the spreadsheet. I want to get 2 tables from the area of the blocks.

  1. Create the 2nd Table in the same spreadsheet.
  2. In the the designer tab , take one more spreadsheet with same api key and base id but the now type the name of 2nd table.
  3. Now this will work like a new spreadsheet but the table used will be in same spreadsheet
  4. Enjoy​:hugs:
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I’m using set table name block for 2 table on button. but nothing happens.

Can you show a visual image and be more specific


Rather using two tables from 1 spreadsheet component. Use two spreadsheet components and type the name of 2 table in newly craeted spreadsheet component. With the same api and base id

Actually, I want to show the data of two tables in one listview.

I have never done like this because the way i am telling you is more sophisticated . You can hide the list view and can make another list view visible

use of too many components will make the app crash… am I right?

Give a try but most probably app will not crash

Ok, but why spreadsheet green blocks are not working?

I don’t know i am also one of you. Last week i created the way i am telling you and it worked

I know that way is working and easy but I’ve to make multiple table, so I’ll have to create multiple spreadsheets? That’s not right. Ok thanks, I’m still trying to find the solution. If reach, I’ll post here.

Listen, I’ve found it that why green blocks are not working.
First of all, on screen intializing we’ve called the data but there was no table, but when we click the button to call table, then there is no action to call data. :smiley:

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