How to using Consent Development Mode Admob

How to work Consent Development Mode in AdMob. Please tell me.

If enabled you can see the consent dialog.
Means you can watch how it will looks for users in europe.

To see the dialog you need to load/show a ad

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I understand from your answer that it is mandatory for users in Europe and we can not deactivate it. Is it correct?

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Correct. Because our components know if the user is from europe or not.

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Before we know it they’ll take over the world. :joy:

“components know if the user is from europe or not.”

But the consent dialog is still show when the user isn’t from Europe, i try it on companion.

Sorry for bad english

Maybe it does not work on companion, but as apk it works.

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I was try it on apk, but still show. And how to save user answer, yes or no? 'cause every time open the apps always get the dialog show

Make sure you disable “Consent Development Mode” on all admob components you use.

It is not possible that you see the dialog everytime again if above option is disabled.

If i disable Consent Development Mode on admob component, what will happen if user of my apps from Europe? Admob still show? Or…

i was try build apk with Consent Development Mode enabled and i always get the dialog show on this apps everytime open the apps.

“Consent Development Mode” should for production be disabled.

I created that option for app developers like you, for testing the dialog ONLY how it looks for european users.

Thats so funny i forget read it, So i must disabled it before build the apk, its correct?

Correct. As I said, the option is just for development mode.
For production it does not make sense to enable that mode for all users.


Thanks alot for your help :+1:.
God always blessing you :pray:

So for my understanding can you please tell me if we will not use this as apk than what is use of consent developemnt and why this created.

To see what EU users will get. To test your apps. All development features are basically for testing purposes.


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