How to validate information from a variable to create another variable


I am dealing with a little issue that is easy to solve in theory, but its giving me headaches when it comes to program it.

So basically I have 2 lists:

  • TodosLosIDUnidos (which contains LocalIDs I need)
  • InformacionTodosLosUsuarios (which contains name, surname, birthday and LocalID from ALL users in the app)

So what I need?:

  • To look for each ID in “TodosLosIDUnidos” in “InformacionTodosLosUsuarios” and if that ID it is found, then create a new variable with Name and Surname from that ID.

So in this case, the new variable should be: ((Carlos rodriguez) (Juan Lopez))

How in the world should I put blocks in order to do that?

Thank you very much

Please show the blocks where you fill TodosLosIDUnidos.

Hi Peter, thanks for answering. I am getting those IDs from a project bucket that contains users that had join to a specific event.

I never use Firebase but how does your database look. Maybe others can help your better then.

I will try to help with the algorithm. As I understand it, you have to do 2 loops. 1 loop in the TodoslosIdsunidos bank and another loop within that loop comparing the current ID of Todos LosIDsunidos and comparing with the ID in InformacionTodoslosUsuarios.

Begin Loop in TodoslosIdsunidos
----Get the ID
----Begin Loop in InformacionTodoslosUsuarios.
-----Compare the ID you got with each ID of
-----End loop InformacionTodoslosUsuarios.
End loop TodoslosIdsunidos

Hello sorry for late answer. I don’t know if I got right your message but It didn’t work out :(((

Did you do the “Do it” lists and variables that are within your procedure?

In the post you did the “do it” using a copy of the lists and variables. It works ?