How to verify email in Firebase (Bug in firebase)

So I know there’s this issue of verifying email in firebase auth (I’ve faced it too, it says the typical message "Cannot build ActionCodeSettings with null URL) so my question is how do I verify emails through my own process. Is it even possible? Some help will be very appreciated!

Did you entered firebase url ?

You can do it with ifttt
Watch pixybomb’s video on YouTube…
Ps: I haven’t tried Kodular’s email verification

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Where do I put that? all I have is the Google Json imported

Can you share your blocks screenshots ?

Sure it is…

Could you solve it?

Iftt is not working any more…

What’s that?

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Found the solution. @megshsh09

please tell ne how can i add this


I am not involved in this topic :joy:

Search on community or make a new thread

Is this what you are looking for?

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