How Trigger Screenshot Using Activity Starter?

I had a similar topic to this before, but I settled to using shell command to take a screenshot but it only worked for rooted phones.

Now I’m trying to make another app and this one needs to work even for non-rooted phones.

So, the problem is:
Screenshot component DOES NOT capture the icons on the status bar, it will be empty.
Shell Command works but needs a rooted phone.
Activity Starter I can use activity starter to trigger a THIRD PARTY screenshot application to take a screenshot but is it possible to do the same to android’s built in screenshot?

This is a screenshot using the built-in android screenshot, the status bar icons are visible:

Compared to this screenshot using the Screenshot Component of Kodular:

and no it’s not the color because I have tried using other colors for the status bar (also light and dark icons).

Have you tried this:

yes I did. Unfortunately, the status bar is still blank using that extension.

yes you can

did you try the Component to Image Screenshot Extension by Jerin Jacob, which also can take screenshots of a webviewer page


yes, I’m familiar with the extension, sadly it only saves a component to an image but I need something that captures the status bar as well (all the icons, etc in it)