How turn JSON into a professional report?

Is there any online tool to turn JSON into a professional report?

I know it’s not a 100% Kodular topic, but the Firebase platform is widely used in Kodular applications. This JSON file is widely used and requires reporting software. If anyone can refer a software, I would appreciate it.

why dont you try online? there are many websites for these all.

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I am trying to find anything that is easy to use and that helps me to present satisfactorily the information that I will save in firebase. I will thank you very much if you can suggest any options.

there are a lot websites, i am not sure, because for using them you must need to create an account, just search on google json to report or json to excel, json to word, etc

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I found a site called Sounds cool, I’ll try it out.

I think I need JSON classes. My data is in a different format from the tutorial. I have no idea how I will change my logic blocks to assemble a database to create a JSON file like the example below:


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if its in valid json format then give it a try maybe looks different but works fine.

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