How wait answer api webview

hello I have to verify a tax code using an api via a post call.


how can i use the response of webview in the post call procedure?

First set web url where you have to post.& without api documentation how can we help you?

you are right

this is api

however I can make it work I just do not know how to do in ways to use it in the procedure that calls the post, I thought of enhancing a global variable


but I am afraid that maybe the answer does not arrive in time and gives an incorrect result

You are using two times web5 block, see the error near web5, It will not work. Use another web block

the second is just a modification of the first by adding the variable

the web component works asynchronously, which means, you get the response in the Web.GotText event… so there you can set CodiceFiscaleVerificato to true or false


Thanks Taifun!

but how do i know when there is an answer?

as soon as the Web.GotText event fires
you might want to continue with your logic there



The problem is that the procedure I call it from three different components and depending on whether the answer is true or false it must do three different things

initialise global flag to 0

In procedure n, set flag to n and call the Web.Get Text. (n = 1, 2, 3, …)

On Got Text, get global flag. Now you know which procedure called it so you can deal with the answer accordingly.

thanks i try