Html code with geolocation

part of my app contain html file ( i know might this is out of your assistance) i want to insert html code which gives the latitude of the location in the square as shown in the attached photo but i don’t know exactly where should i put it.
this is my html

and this is the code i want to insert

i ll be very grateful if there is any help

this is the code that i want to insert

Hi @chaboyal
This can help you:

i used Taifun’s blocks with my html and it works when i press Send but the values of latitude and longitude didn’t stay longer than a second , is it possible to these values appears when screen initialize.

it takes a few seconds until the location sensor is able to provide latitude and longitude…

also to set the WWebViewString first to latitude as immediately after that to longitude does not make much sense imho… you might want to set the WebViewString only once and pass both values as comma seperated values and adjust your HTML code accordingly