HTML format in label multiline spacing

hi, I am facing a problem in label multiline spacing using html tags
i am gatting this

i have tried with h4 and h5 also <p with font but getting the same space in name and details … help me to solve this

note: here name is bigger then details

Can you show your blocks?

Try this <br> for a small new line.

Or this <font size="5"><strong>Name</strong></font><br> details


<font size="5"><strong>Name</strong></font><br> details
it solved the spacing problem but. i want to make the name more bigger.

<font size="20"><strong>Name</strong></font><br> details

this also giving the same result. font is not increasing

it doesnt contain amy blocks. its with html

Ok, then i dont know why font size dont get bigger.

Can you not use 2 Labels instead of 1 HTML Label?

You can use the tag <big>...</big>


thank you. it worked

Check this post for more HTML tags support


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