HTML Table to JSON

is there any way by which I can convert an HTML tables value into JSON

here is the full table HTML

Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
AKSHAYA(AK-591) 12/03/2023 View
KARUNYA(KR-592) 11/03/2023 View
NIRMAL(NR-319) 10/03/2023 View
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-460) 09/03/2023 View
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-40) 08/03/2023 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-355) 07/03/2023 View
WIN-WIN(W-709) 06/03/2023 View

Is this table present in gsheet?

If it is in html then use js to convert it into json

You can use webviewer or kio4 extension

The data is in html but still i m little confused how can i convert this through app