HTML tag on Colintree Listview

Can i use html tags in colintree listview …??

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i havent seen any html option in colintree listview, maybe some else know about that

i can break line by using \n from title but can i use a new color in this new line ?? any code or tags hare like \n …???

list will take just one color for all, subtitle color will be same for all text

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Thanks for your reply bro…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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No for a break in Kodular you need to use this


Do it like this

\n is to show new line and return carriage in html, then you don’t need to do it explicitly. You can do it in css by setting the white-space attribute pre-line value.

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I think it’s possible with ColinTree Element

Yes you can, use color from <font> tag. However, I don’t know if ColinTree’s ListView extension is supporting that.

<font color=green>nice text</font>
<font color=orange>oranges are nice</font>

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i tried …but it’s not working…

How …??
Plz give me an example…

What about

<font-color> </font> ?
(It makes difference.)

i tried this but listview shows all texts…

You might be trying in a wrong way. It should work.

Put quote signs to the colourname: <font color="green">

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Not working Bro…


As the answers above have guessed and you tried - in ColinTree ListView extension, no HTML formatted texts are possible. \n differs from HTML tags.