HTTP response was too large: 34413801. The limit is: 33554432

I am not able to download the app, the following message is appearing: “HTTP response was too large: 34413801. The limit is: 33554432.”, someone help me.

just try one more time…

I’ve tried several times…

the possible reason is , Kodular maximum allowded file size is 30MB but your file size is seems to be more than that… Please rytry to reduce some files from asset and try again

Is this serious?
I pay to be primium and not have size limits and I run into this problem? It didn’t do me any good to pay to be premium…

Here in Brazil, we call this act misleading advertising and with the right to process.
I paid to have no size limits.

see the maximum size is 32 even in premium plan

refer this guide to build biggesr size apk


Well, Kodular has servers, don’t they? Their servers have limits, don’t they?

32 MB is the limit that you can build your apps, as most users never even come close to this limit. If you exceed this limit, Kodular’s servers will have to work harder, and their servers aren’t programmed to do so.

With the Free version you can enjoy a maximum of 5 MB of assets. If you want more assets you have to enroll into the Premium program. :slight_smile:

Yes technically, see Still Learning’s link. You can decompile the app to enjoy even more assets.

There has always been a limit on the size of your app, and this has been already mentioned in the forum a lot of times.

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