Huawei app gallery - application problem

That will not happen in the near future as App Inventor is a learning tool

See if this one Huawei.apk (4.7 MB) can be uploaded…

It’s not that easy.
One must to specify what the application is for, add screenshots. Specify the permissions.

You can try creating an account there

And unfortunately, you have to wait a lot. Up to 36 hours.

This is somewhat overkill for me to do just to try, as I’m not even interested in that market place.

I understand.
I also less and less.
Google Play is enough for me.

Hi all,

I have the same problem when i want to upload an apk create by kodular/thunkable.
He tell me that there is a virus grayinventor.
I have try to put an empty apk file (with no block, no image) and i upload it on huawei store/ mi store and same error: virus gray inventor.
I can’t upload my app on playstore, so i search an alternative.

Is thunkable aware that creating apk is considered a false positive on huawei and xiaomi store ?

You will not do anything about it until the construction of the application in kodular has changed.

Totally agree.
It is planned that the kodular team will update their platform to allow uploading to the huawei store ?

Recently, even the Google store reports that applications contain facebook ads.
It’s bad.
I do not make applications with ads. I hate advertising.
And I have to confirm that I do not use them because they are in the code.
Kodular is going the wrong way.
The ads are very bad and unnecessary for anyone.

I would like to pay only for removing it from the application code.
Not everyone wants to make money on applications.
I create mine for 20 years and are always without ads and for everyone.
If I want to earn, I create a paid application.

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I Can’t see those images

is this issue already resolved

I think so.
Today my application was accepted in the appgallery.

The application has been rejected for a year. And today such a surprise. :slight_smile:


Have you did any thing?

No, I wasn’t doing anything. The application was simply not rejected. I was surprised too.

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Now Kodular Application Is Acceptable in Huawei App Gallery i also Upload one of my application few months ago.

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