Huge doubt in text string block

I try lot of ways but every time i didn’t get a result…in my app already has name list like Mohammad shami… But I want to covert this text to M.Shami …what can I do to get this result

Create a custom procedure for example … blocks are draggable to test



thank you boss

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This will work if data in the form name surname

It’s working great but I have 22 labels that means 22 text, if I want create 22 procedure or there’s any other way to reduce block

How do you set labels text ? from a list ?

Error accrued

Contains has empty space and split at has also an empty space .Just to be sure download my blocks and drag them to your workspace

After change small line of your code works perfectly… Thanks again boss…

Changes you made, +1 for the shortened blocks but you also added
an unnecessary block so no difference in functionality

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How to convert layout to image without any extension…

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