Hygrometer not working

hygrometer isnt working properly
coding done is

is it right

it shows value 0 why

The Hydrometer Component Only Works when There Is a Hydrometer Sensor Present In The Mobile Phone.

are you sure your device has the sensor?
use this block to confirm:

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is this feature in motorola;oneplus6t;redmi5?

use the block i mentioned above and you will find it

hi the same with temp. sensor

yes most of the component in sensor category are hardware dependent

which sensors work perfectly in kodular
Drawing (2)

every component works fine you just need to have to meet hardware requirement in your device

Sensors like gyroscope and proximity are found in almost every device and on the other hand sensors like hygrometer are found very rare. So it totally depend on the device in which the app is running

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so what sensors would work on motorola;oneplus6t;redmi5?

let make it fun and a learning process/
drag and drop every sensor. Every sensor has a property block (light green) Available. use it and run the app or live test in all devices you have, you will get to know about it

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thanks for solving problem
i was facing this from last 2 days
i will mark ur ans a solution

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