Hypotenuse Maths problem with Chain and Ana

Please suggest hypotenuse problem b/w Chain and Ana formate. Here 1 Chain is equal to 16 Ana. Example = 3.15 here (3) is whole number this indicates Chain and (15) is decimal this indicates Ana. (15 Ana is equal to 15/16 = .9375 chain). Kindly find the attachment.


Do you want to make a calculator? If yes, then what’s the problem?

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Thanks for your reply.
I need decimal digits divided by 16. If its possible ? Plz suggest.

you can use split block under text section and try if it can split numbers at “.”(decimals)
I tried for only one text box

it will need only minor changes or even no changes


Thankyou sir .

The blocks I showed are for numbers with decimal points , you may use else blocks in the if them to set the result by just simple calculations of “text_Box1.text”

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now you can calculate it either by typing whole number or number with decimals:


Thankyou for suggestion.
Thankyou very much sir.

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