I add interstitial test ads and real ads video ads appear

hello, I bought a kodular course and some templates to use and modify come, I have placed test ads on both the banner and the interstitial, the funny thing is that the banner shows me the typical admob test ad but in the interstitial A real advertising video appears. I have consulted with the creator of the template and his response is that Kodular sometimes exchanges the ads for his own for profit, I would like to know what they think and if this is true. Since it seems strange to me that when placing test ad real ads appear.

This is a commission because you use ads in your app. I don’t know about the real ads when testing apps. For an ad it doesn’t make a difference if you are testing or not. For you it shouldn’t make a difference also because you are testing it as real as possible. Shouldn’ t worry about it to much i guess.

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