I am a premium user so is it a must to paste my AdMob app id into builder?

Hello kodular team and staffs, I have a premium account and I am using third part AdMob aix and within that AdMob I have already pasted my AdMob App ID so I am yet worried maybe if I don’t paste the same AdMob App ID** my revenue will be like I don’t real know what will happen, maybe if I paste in the builder maybe the commission will be taken or not, so I am afraid to paste the AdMob App ID since I I don’t real know what will happen.

I need to be sure of if I should paste the same AdMob App ID or it is all done within the aix

here is the AdMob App ID within the aix

Kindly need your advance support

I think no problem with you and all! It’s mean you put double app.id in your Manifest… If you use kodular default ads components then kodular take Commission anythink not else…

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I didn’t underatand your answer