I am getting an error when copy screen

Describe your issue = Whenever I try to copy screen in any project, it always show an error = Server error: could not copy form. Please try again later!

Steps to reproduce the issue = try to copy screen in any project

Expected Behavior = It should create a new screen with everything same in it except it’s name

Actual Behaviour = Always show error = Server error: could not copy form. Please try again later!

Show your Blocks =

Android version = 9

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You say it is in any project. I just tried it with a project of mine and it works as it should.

What if you make an empty project and try there.

You said that error is:

I think you have to wait for some time.Everyone will not see this error.
May be your internet connection is slow.
Wait for some time.If not works then contact Kodular Staff.

Does not work with me

Yes, my communication is weak, maybe it is the same problem

The solution

  1. Export the project aia

  2. Open it with winrar

  3. Copy the screen manually

If you do not know I will do a tutorial topic

Or you can send me a private conversation

Not a big problem. Not many suffer from the same problem

I wish success to all

  1. Re-raise the project to Kodular
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Maybe this block prevents you to copy the screen. Looks like this block is corrupted or something.


Also, you can create an empty screen, and copy the all blocks using the backpack.


That happens to me, too. Probably you’ve created your project in another builder and then moved it to a kodular

I again tried and found out that if I try to make another screen by “copy screen” in imported project then it will not work.
It will only work if I make a new project in kodular

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From Kodular or from another builder?


any imported project from any builder

You can not expect a project from another builder to just always work. The builders are to different. That copying a screen doesn’t work is proof of that. You also can not expect the developers of Kodular to fix that for you. Sometimes you have luck sometimes not.

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