I am getting Error while exporting apk YAIL compiler - AAPT execution failed

Can Any one Help me what i have to do i am getting error while exporting apk

YAIL compiler - AAPT execution failed.

error kodfular

Either search :mag: community for AAPT execution failed or post your aia here so someone might check it. Usually it is a project within a project problem

hii in my project there is some credentials Which i don’t want to post publicly So is any other option to send you my aia directly to you and you to Send me directly without posting publicly

and while i am exporting i am getting this notification to

apt error

Pm me your aia if you wish. Click on my profile image and press message

i did please check

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Problem caused by missing colors in project settings. After that there are also some errors that will also have to be fixed in order to compile app



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Problem solved via pm by editing project settings using 7zip

i am getting runtime error notification if i ignore this then app working like i want i checked many times but still i getting same runtime error can you help me for this i Pm you too

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I will have a look at it soon

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Sorry but did you check my problem

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