I am having a problem downloading the file


I’m downloading the file, but when I want to open it, it gives an error. Can you help me with this?



What is in the global url variable ?

Was the file download successfully ?
Can you see the file in file manager ?

If file not downloaded change global name variable to get url variable !!!

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I download the files I want without any problems, but when I open the downloaded files, I get an error.

What are you trying to download ?

There is a special event. Every week they post an image showing the discount code and once the limit is reached the code becomes invalid. No one knows when the discount code will be shared. So I am making a bot that will automatically download an image with the extension “.png” to the Site.

For now there is nothing to download from the website

Yup. The bot did not work because there was an error in the image I downloaded. Next time I need to run the bot. If you know of a site whose “Class” or “ID” tags aren’t encrypted, I can test it there.