I am having problem with my tournament app

Hi ,

Many users having issue to create account, saying “account already registered” but they are first time user. When users add money to wallet it is not updating automatic in wallet, i have to update it manually.

I don’t know how to give the update version automatic.

Please help,
Thank You.

Maybe you can share some aia/screenshot/blocks for the community?

I‘m pretty sure that we have enough Koder they can help you with some more info…

(It is the same thing when you call the repair service and say:“My car ist stopping after a while, WHY?!“
Nobody can help you with this describtion…)


You have only 4 minutes reading time on the community. What have you done yourself to correct the problem? What does you app do?

It organize Pubg tournament. I am having 2-3 issues.

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