I am Newbie and I need Guidance

First of all, I would like to thanks entire Makeriod Team for making such Platform. Building apps with Coding.

I am done with building simple apps (basic things) but when it is about high app development for example building an Earning app Like #ivan_moreno did.

How can a Newbie develop his coding skills or how can they know how to to build such thing?

I don’t see a page for such stuffs

Activity Starter = ( how does it work)
Push notification = ( how does it work)

I think developers should create an page with bunches of examples, so it would be beneficial for newbies like us.

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It is not necessary to post you question on multiple fora. The developers of Makeroid are also active on the Thunkable forum.

We have a docs site at docs.makeroid.io but it’s currently “work in progress”. At some indefinite future, we may start writing tutorials and best practices.

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If you would have searched the forum you would have found