I am not able to add component giving error Cannot find the component

I am working on project currently which have 5k+ blocks, while adding new functionalities in app I usually create in a test project and copy blocks in my main project but currently my application is showing this error Cannot find the component: marasiyah_madeh_CustomRecyclerView1 Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I have 2 components of recycler view which are working fine there is no error in the previous components.

I have same issue with the clock component I am not able to add new clock component, but I mange to solve the problem by using my previous clock component but now I am facing the same issue with recycle view extension kindly help me out to solve this issue.

I searched the community but didn’t find any solution there is no duplicate project in asset folder and the extension is also present in its proper place, I also uploaded aia in unchive but there are no errors their.

Since it is a test aia post it here so someone can test it

I am sharing u in personal, this problem is in my original project, test one is working fine and their are paid extensions too

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More blocks sometime cause this kind of errorm anyhow you can fix it. But 5k blocks some one need to check mean…

And I just checked building apk, and it works fine problem is only in companion

Well, make sure your internet connection is too good

Yess internet is working fine, I have tried deleting all the kodular data and reinstalling the companion