I am not able to build my app (palette)

i am not able to build my application beacuse when i opened my kodular environment . it opens and then i go to #palette to drag and drop components . it lacks and then after it doesn’t work . may i know what’s going on . is this a problem with me only or anyone else do know about this problem . kindly tell me about its solution. thanks

its going on with my every project. i tried to build my new app . the problem is still there .

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I apologize if this sounds rude. It is hard to follow what you are saying without visuals. First thing, clear cache, etc etc. Second I recommend the following to show what is going on.

Its a great program that allows for you to record your screen. I suggest you use it to show a video of what is happening on your screen with the errors. etc.

Help us help you by providing the necessary info :slight_smile:


These are Supposed to Be Filled So that we can know better about your Problem