I am not shown the data from DB Firebase

I need that both when registering and when logging in, the user data that I incorporated in the Database is displayed in their TextBoxes.
These are shown, the case is it does not show that of the user who registered or logged in, but it does show that of the last person added to the Database.

The code I used is the following:
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Anyone who can help me would appreciate it a lot, I’ve been here a short time and I’m still learning: D

can you show us your firebase structure?

if not, use this method

and by using dictionary method easily you can get each tag values properly


Are you using firebase authentication or are you trying to create a sign in/log in system your self ? How does your app recognizes if you are registered or not ?
The error that you made is that actually you have a list of values and you say you app for each item in list set label to show item, it is obvious that every time the label will show the last item in list cause procedure executes very fast.

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I use the firebase email mode, and that being the error, how would it show the data of the registered person and who logs in in their corresponding places.

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TinyDB has no use on these blocks right now.

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Try this aia, if it is the solution for your project, mark as solution
To be able to use the aia you have to add in Assets Manager the google-services file that is generated in the firebase console when adding your APP, copy the name of the package of your app and that’s it
LogInTutorial.aia (49.9 KB)

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