I am unable to generate thumbnail using pedroza thumbnail extension

hello koders!please help me to make a admin App of online video player app with firebase.iam using swipe video player extension in my main app for video playing.

now i want to upload videos through a admin app to firebase storage i know everything but i have problem for video thumbnail i can,t able generate thumbnail using pedroza thumbnail extension.

please anyone make a simple aia for thumbnail extracting and uploading video and their extracted thumbnail to firebase storage.please help

What have you done so far?

i am done all thing but i am unable to generate thumbnail using pedroza thumbnail extension

Show your blocks etc

please help someone to solve this

Why not try to setting path of extension in event when videopicker.after picking with get selection just like you set video player.source also for image

ido that you have say but still not work

Post image

adminbolo.aia (44.9 KB)

check aia file please and modifi it

I am not on system

ok tell me the solutin

my block after edite

Replace path Videopicker1.selction green block to get selection orange block just as above done for video player.source.
And test in label that what you getting from extension just like image picture

i cant understand what you say

ok ok i understand iam trying

not wrk

automatic load thumbnail from video link is there any video player extension available?so then i leave pedroza thumbnail extension please say alternatives methods or give the solution

Use label to see what you are getting result from extension just like you used for image1.picture.
I think there is problem of path to file and i didn’t use this extension