I am update you old aia file apk but show some error all apk in google play consol plz help me


Dear Sir plz check google play consol error all old aia file apk not uploaded we have check all aap in Google play conso

Show error


Hi and welcome to Kodular community @whatsaap5595 :star_struck: .

Please explain more and help us understand. your screenshot is also not visible.

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Screenshot_2019-04-08-16-03-39-07 Screenshot_2019-04-08-16-03-39-07

You should use the same keystore.
That’s exact what the message tells you.

And one other thing:
There exist a search function in our community.


Go to old Platform import Keystore from there and open app in kodular then export to them.
:100:% work.


Hola tengo el mismo problema.